AAIMperformanceInterfaceThe AAIM (Algorithmically Assisted Improvised Music) performance system is a portfolio of interconnectable algorithmic software modules, developed using Max/MSP, designed to facilitate improvisation and live performance of electronic music. In contrast to much of the current related research within the field of algorithmic performance systems, the AAIM system makes no attempt to generate new materials in a specific style or act as an autonomous improviser. Instead, the goal of the AAIM system is to facilitate improvisation through the variation and manipulation of precomposed materials entered by the user. By generating these variations algorithmically the system attempts to afford improvisers of computer music the ability to focus on macro elements of their performances, such as form, phrasing, texture, spatialisation, and timbre, while still enabling them to incorporate the melodic and/or rhythmic variations of a virtuosic instrumental improviser.


(NOTE: The most up-to-date code is contained within the Max for Live devices…)

Audio Examples

Simple examples (Mac OS only)

AAIM System application (Mac OS only)

Max for Live Devices:

Apps for Pieces made with AAIM (Mac OS only)

Max/MSP patches